Cara Bayar Kredivo

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, if you’re reading this article, it means you’re interested in learning how to pay Kredivo. Kredivo is a popular digital credit provider in Indonesia that allows users to make online purchases and pay later in installments. In this article, we’ll guide you on the various ways and steps to pay Kredivo.

What is Kredivo?

Kredivo is a digital credit platform that allows you to make purchases online and pay for them later in installments. It’s a popular service in Indonesia that has partnered with various online stores, allowing users to shop and pay later. The service offers a range of installment options that suit different budgets, making it an attractive option for many online shoppers.

How does Kredivo work?

When you sign up for Kredivo, you’ll be required to link your account to your favorite online stores. Once you’ve completed your shopping, you can choose to pay with Kredivo at checkout. You’ll then be prompted to select your preferred installment plan, which includes options such as 3-month, 6-month or 12-month installments. Once you’ve selected your installment plan, you’ll be required to provide some personal information to complete your purchase.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive an invoice from Kredivo. The invoice will detail your repayment plan, which will include your repayment date and installment amounts. You can then make your repayments through various methods, which we’ll discuss further in this article.

How to Pay Kredivo

There are several ways to pay Kredivo. Here are the steps and instructions to complete your repayment:

Payment Through Kredivo App

If you’ve installed the Kredivo app on your smartphone, you can make your repayments through the app. Here’s how:

# Steps
1 Open the Kredivo app on your smartphone.
2 Log in to your account.
3 Tap on the “Repay” button.
4 Select your preferred payment method.
5 Enter the amount you wish to pay.
6 Select your repayment date and confirm your payment.

Payment Through Bank Transfer

If you prefer to make your payments through a bank transfer, here’s how:

# Steps
1 Log in to your bank’s online banking service.
2 Select the transfer option.
3 Enter Kredivo’s bank account number and name as the recipient.
4 Enter the amount you wish to pay.
5 Select your repayment date and confirm your payment.

Payment Through Indomaret or Alfamart

If you prefer to make your payments through a physical store, you can visit any Indomaret or Alfamart outlet to make your payments. Here’s how:

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# Steps
1 Visit your nearest Indomaret or Alfamart outlet.
2 Provide your Kredivo account details to the cashier.
3 Make your payment and receive your receipt.


How do I know my repayment schedule?

Your repayment schedule will be listed in your invoice or in your Kredivo account. You can also check your repayment schedule through the Kredivo app.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, you’ll be charged a late fee. The late fee will vary depending on your repayment plan and the amount you owe. If you continue to miss your payments, your account may be suspended, and you may incur additional charges.

Can I pay Kredivo before the due date?

Yes, you can pay Kredivo before the due date. However, you may not be eligible for any discounts or benefits that come with paying through the full repayment term.

Is there a limit on the amount I can borrow from Kredivo?

Yes, the amount you can borrow from Kredivo will depend on your creditworthiness and your repayment history. Kredivo will assess your ability to repay and assign you a credit limit based on their assessment.

What if I want to cancel my installment plan?

If you want to cancel your installment plan, you can contact Kredivo’s customer service team. However, you may be charged a cancellation fee depending on your repayment plan.

Is it safe to use Kredivo?

Yes, Kredivo is a safe and reliable platform for making online purchases and paying later in installments. The platform uses advanced security features to protect your personal and financial information.


So there you have it, Sohib EditorOnline. We hope this article has provided you with valuable information on how to pay Kredivo. With the various payment methods available, paying Kredivo has never been easier. Remember to schedule your repayments and avoid late fees. Happy shopping!

Cara Bayar Kredivo