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>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, welcome to this article about how to draw a trash can. In this article, we will provide you with easy steps on how to draw a trash can in a few simple steps. You do not need to be an expert in drawing to follow these instructions so let’s get started.

Materials You’ll Need

Before we start with the steps, first let’s gather the necessary drawing materials:

Materials Description
Pencil A medium to soft pencil for sketching
Eraser To correct any mistakes in your drawing
Ruler For measuring and drawing straight lines
Paper A piece of paper to draw on

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Drawing the Basic Shape

To start, we will draw a rectangle that will serve as the main part of the trash can. Use your ruler to draw straight lines for the top and bottom of the rectangle. Then, use your pencil to draw two vertical lines to connect them.

Next, draw another rectangle on top of the first one. This rectangle will serve as the lid of the trash can. Make sure it is slightly smaller in size than the first rectangle.

Step 2: Adding Details

Now, we will add the details of the trash can. Draw a circle in the middle of the lid. This will be the handle of the lid. Then, draw a small rectangle on the front of the trash can. This will be the pedal that opens the trash can.

Next, draw two small rectangles on the sides of the trash can. These will be the handles for lifting the trash can. Finally, add a few horizontal lines on the body of the trash can to make it look more realistic.

Step 3: Outlining and Coloring

Once you’ve added all the necessary details, use your pencil to outline the drawing. Make sure to erase any unwanted lines or mistakes. Once you are satisfied with the outline, you can color your drawing with any colors you like.

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Q: Do I need to be an expert at drawing to follow these instructions?

A: No, these steps are easy to follow and perfect for beginners.

Q: What type of pencil should I use?

A: A medium to soft pencil will work best for sketching.

Q: Can I use any colors to color my drawing?

A: Yes, use any colors that you like.

Q: Should I erase my mistakes?

A: Yes, use an eraser to correct any mistakes in your drawing.

Q: Can I add my own details?

A: Yes, feel free to add any creative details to make your drawing unique.

That’s it! You have successfully learned how to draw a trash can in just a few simple steps. We hope this article was helpful to you. Keep practicing and developing your drawing skills.

Cara Menggambar Tong Sampah