Cara Pesan Go Food: A Comprehensive Guide

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, are you a foodie who loves to explore different cuisines and try out new dishes? Do you want to know how to order food conveniently? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of ordering food using Go Food, a popular food delivery service in Indonesia.

What is Go Food?

Go Food is an on-demand food delivery service that allows you to order food from your favorite local restaurants and have it delivered to your doorstep. It is a part of GoJek, a super app that provides transportation, courier, and other services.

Go Food has revolutionized the way people order food in Indonesia. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can order food from a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from street food vendors to high-end eateries. The service is fast, convenient, and hassle-free.

How to Install and Sign Up for Go Food

To use Go Food, you need to have the GoJek app installed on your smartphone. Follow these simple steps to install and sign up for GoJek:

Step Action
Step 1 Go to the App Store (for iOS users) or Play Store (for Android users) on your smartphone.
Step 2 Search for GoJek app and click on Download/Install button.
Step 3 Open the app and click on Sign Up.
Step 4 Enter your mobile number, name, and email address.
Step 5 Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your phone.
Step 6 Your account is now created. You can start using GoJek services, including Go Food.

Need Help with GoJek Sign Up?

If you face any issues during the sign-up process, you can check out the FAQs section on the GoJek app or contact their customer support for assistance. You can also refer to our FAQs section at the end of this article for common queries related to Go Food.

How to Order Food using Go Food

Now that you have signed up for GoJek, you can use Go Food to order food from your favorite restaurants. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Open the GoJek App

Open the GoJek app on your smartphone. You will see various services offered by GoJek, including Go Food.

Step 2: Select Go Food

Tap on the Go Food icon. You will be directed to the restaurant selection page.

Step 3: Choose a Restaurant

Browse through the list of restaurants available on Go Food. You can sort the restaurants by cuisine, popularity, rating, and distance. Once you have found a restaurant you like, tap on it to see the menu.

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Step 4: Select Your Dish

Browse through the restaurant menu and select the dishes you wish to order. You can also add instructions, such as special requests, allergies, or preferences. Once you have selected all the dishes, tap on the Cart icon to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Check Out

Review your order and make sure everything is correct. You can apply any promo codes or vouchers you have to get discounts. Then, select your payment method and proceed to the checkout page. You will see a summary of your order, including the total amount and estimated delivery time.

Step 6: Confirm Your Order

Once you have reviewed your order, tap on the Confirm button to place your order. You will receive a notification when your order is accepted by the restaurant and when a driver is assigned for delivery.

How to Track Your Order on Go Food

Go Food allows you to track your order in real-time, from the moment you place the order to the moment it is delivered to your doorstep. Here is how you can track your order:

Step 1: Open the GoJek App

Open the GoJek app on your smartphone. Tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top left corner and select ‘Track Order’ from the list of options.

Step 2: Check the Status of Your Order

You will see a list of your active and completed orders. Tap on the order you want to track to see its status. You can see the driver’s name, photo, and contact information. You can also track the driver’s location on the map in real-time.

Go Food Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips and tricks to make the most of your Go Food experience:

1. Check the Reviews

Before ordering from a restaurant, check the reviews and ratings by other customers. This will give you an idea of the quality of the food and the service.

2. Use Promo Codes and Vouchers

GoJek offers various promo codes and vouchers that can give you discounts on your orders. Keep an eye out for these offers and use them to save money.

3. Customize Your Order

You can customize your order by adding instructions, such as extra sauce, no onions, or spicy. This will ensure that your order is prepared according to your preferences.

4. Track Your Order

Use the order tracking feature to know the status of your order and the estimated delivery time. This will give you an idea of when to expect your food.

5. Give Feedback

If you are satisfied with your order, give a good rating and feedback to the restaurant and driver. If you face any issues, provide constructive feedback so that GoJek can improve its services.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Go Food

1. Is Go Food available in my city?

Go Food is available in most major cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Bali. You can check the availability of Go Food in your city by downloading the GoJek app.

2. How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

The delivery time depends on various factors, such as the distance between the restaurant and your location, the traffic, and the preparation time. GoJek provides an estimated delivery time on the checkout page. You can track the driver’s location in real-time using the order tracking feature.

3. How do I pay for my order?

GoJek accepts various payment methods, such as GoPay, credit card, and bank transfer. You can select your preferred payment method on the checkout page. Some restaurants may also offer cash on delivery option.

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4. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before it is accepted by the restaurant. Once the restaurant has accepted your order, you cannot cancel it. However, you can contact the customer support to request a cancellation in case of any issues.

5. How do I contact the customer support?

You can contact the GoJek customer support through the app by tapping on the Help menu on the top right corner. You can also refer to the FAQs section for common queries or issues.

That’s it for our guide on how to order food using Go Food. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Happy ordering and bon appétit!

Cara Pesan Go Food: A Comprehensive Guide