Cara Memijat Kepala yang Pusing

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, have you ever experienced headaches that just won’t go away? One simple remedy for headaches is head massage, or in Indonesian, “memijat kepala.” In this journal article, we will discuss the proper techniques and tips for successfully relieving headaches through head massage.

What Causes Headaches?

Before we dive into head massage, let’s first understand what causes headaches. Headaches can be caused by various things such as stress, tension, dehydration, lack of sleep, or even certain foods. It’s important to identify the cause of your headache to effectively treat it.


Stress is one of the most common causes of headaches. When we are stressed, our muscles tense up, including those in our neck and scalp, which can lead to headaches.


Similar to stress, tension in the muscles of the neck and scalp can cause headaches as well. This tension can be caused by poor posture, long periods of sitting, or even holding the phone between your shoulder and ear.


Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration which can cause headaches. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent dehydration headaches.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can also cause headaches. Make sure to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep per night to avoid this.


Certain foods can also trigger headaches. Foods high in MSG, caffeine, or alcohol can cause headaches in some individuals.

Benefits of Head Massage

Head massage is a form of therapeutic touch that can help alleviate headaches. Here are some benefits of head massage:

Relieves Tension

Head massage helps to relieve tension in the muscles of the neck and scalp, which can lead to headache relief. The gentle pressure applied to the head during the massage can also help to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Stress Relief

Head massage can also provide stress relief. The use of slow, rhythmic movements can help to induce relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Promotes Better Sleep

Massaging the head can also promote better sleep. The relaxation induced by the massage can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Improves Concentration

The increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain can help to improve concentration and cognitive function.

Proper Technique for Head Massage

Now that we understand the benefits of head massage, let’s learn the proper technique for performing it.

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Position

Find a comfortable position to perform the massage. It’s important that both you and the person receiving the massage are comfortable. You can either sit or stand for the massage.

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Step 2: Apply Oil

Apply some oil to the scalp to prevent pulling and friction during the massage. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, or any oil of your choice.

Step 3: Use Circular Motions

Begin massaging the scalp using circular motions with your fingertips. Start at the temples and move towards the crown of the head. Apply gentle pressure and increase gradually if needed.

Step 4: Move to the Neck

After massaging the scalp, move onto the neck. Use your fingertips to massage the neck in a circular motion, starting from the base of the skull and moving down towards the shoulders.

Step 5: Finish with the Shoulders

Finish the massage by massaging the shoulders. Use your hands to knead the muscles in the shoulders and apply gentle pressure.

Tips for Head Massage

Here are some additional tips for performing head massage:

Use Gentle Pressure

It’s important to use gentle pressure when massaging the head. Applying too much pressure can lead to discomfort and pain.

Start Slow

Start with slow, gentle movements and increase the pressure gradually. This will help the person receiving the massage to relax and avoid any discomfort.

Ask for Feedback

It’s important to ask the person receiving the massage for feedback on pressure and technique. Everyone’s preferences are different, so adjusting your technique to their needs can make for a more effective massage.

Repeat Regularly

Head massage can be done regularly to prevent headaches and promote relaxation. You can even perform self-massage on your own head and neck to alleviate stress and tension.


Question Answer
How long should a head massage last? A head massage can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. The duration will depend on the individual’s preference and availability.
Can head massage cure headaches? Head massage can alleviate headaches, but it isn’t a cure. It’s important to identify the underlying cause of the headache to effectively treat it.
Can head massage be done on oneself? Yes, head massage can be done on oneself.
What oils can be used for head massage? Coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are popular choices for head massage.
Can head massage be done on anyone? Head massage can be done on most people. However, it’s important to avoid massaging any areas of the head or neck with injuries or medical conditions.


Headaches can be very unpleasant, but head massage is a simple and effective remedy to help alleviate them. By following the proper techniques and tips discussed in this journal article, you can easily perform a head massage on yourself or someone else to provide relief from headaches and promote relaxation.

Cara Memijat Kepala yang Pusing