Cara Menghilangkan Hitam di Leher

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, do you feel self-conscious because of blackened skin on your neck? Do not worry, because in this article we will give you 20 consecutive ways to eliminate blackened skin on your neck.

1. Scrub with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural exfoliator that can help remove dead skin cells that cause blackened skin on the neck.

To use baking soda as a scrub, mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with enough water to make a paste. Apply to the neck area and scrub gently for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. Repeat once a week.


Question Answer
Can I use baking soda on sensitive skin? No, baking soda can be too abrasive for sensitive skin. Try a gentler exfoliator.
How often should I use baking soda as a scrub? Once a week is enough to avoid over-exfoliation.

2. Use Lemon Juice

3. Apply Aloe Vera

4. Apply Cucumber Juice

5. Use Coconut Oil

6. Apply Vitamin E Oil

7. Apply Almond Oil

8. Use Turmeric Powder

9. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

10. Use Potato Juice

11. Apply Fuller’s Earth Mask

12. Use Orange Peel Powder

13. Apply Gram Flour Mask

14. Use Sandalwood Powder

15. Apply Tomato Juice


Question Answer
Can I use sandalwood powder on sensitive skin? Yes, sandalwood powder is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.
How often should I apply tomato juice? You can apply tomato juice once a day to see results.

16. Apply Papaya Pulp

17. Use Rose Water

18. Apply Honey

19. Use Olive Oil

20. Apply Bael Leaves Paste

Conclusion :

Now you know that there are various natural ways to eliminate blackened skin on your neck. Try the methods that suit your skin type and incorporate them into your skincare routine for the best results. Remember, consistency is key to achieving healthy and glowing skin.

Cara Menghilangkan Hitam di Leher

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