20 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung A12 Smartphone

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline! Are you a proud owner of a Samsung A12 smartphone? If so, you must be wondering how to maximize the potential of your device. In this article, we will share with you 20 tips and tricks to boost your Samsung A12 experience. From customization to performance, we got you covered. Let’s dive right in!


1. Personalize Your Home Screen

The Samsung A12 allows you to customize your home screen according to your preference. You can rearrange icons, change wallpapers, and add widgets. To do this, long-press on the home screen and select “Home screen settings”.

2. Create App Folders

Declutter your home screen by grouping similar apps into folders. To create a folder, drag an app on top of another app. You can also name your folders for easier navigation.

3. Customize Your Lock Screen

You can also tweak your lock screen to display your favorite images or notifications. Go to “Lock screen” under “Settings” and explore the options.

4. Use Themes

Samsung A12 offers various themes to transform the look of your device. To access them, go to “Themes” under “Wallpapers and themes”. Choose your favorite theme and apply it to your device.

5. Use One-Handed Mode

One-handed mode enables you to use your Samsung A12 with ease. To activate it, go to “Advanced features” under “Settings” and find “One-handed mode”.


6. Capture Multiple Photos at Once

Capture multiple photos in a single shot by using the burst mode. Hold down the shutter button, and your Samsung A12 will capture several pictures at a time.

7. Use Pro Mode

If you’re into photography, make use of the Pro mode to control the exposure, ISO, and white balance. To access Pro mode, swipe left on the camera screen and select “Pro”.

8. Night Mode

Get better low-light photos by using Night mode. Night mode adjusts the exposure and ISO to capture a brighter image. To activate it, go to “More” on the camera screen and select “Night”.

9. Use the Selfie Camera

The Samsung A12 comes equipped with a 13MP selfie camera. To switch to the selfie camera, tap on the camera icon and select the front-facing camera.

10. Edit Your Photos

The Samsung A12’s gallery app allows you to edit photos with filters, cropping, and adjustments. Open your gallery, select a photo, and tap on “Edit” to start editing your pictures.

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Battery and Performance

11. Monitor Battery Usage

To optimize your Samsung A12’s battery life, you need to monitor your battery usage. Go to “Battery” under “Device care” to see which apps drain your battery the most.

12. Use Power Saving Mode

If you’re running low on battery, turn on Power saving mode to conserve energy. To activate it, go to “Device care” and select “Battery” and then tap on “Power mode”.

13. Use Optimized Charging

Optimized Charging helps to prolong your battery life by reducing the battery’s degradation rate. When this feature is enabled, your Samsung A12 will learn your charging habits and adjust the charging speed accordingly. To enable it, go to “Battery” under “Device care”.

14. Clear Cache and Junk Files

Cache and junk files can slow down your Samsung A12’s performance. To clean them, go to “Device care” and select “Storage” then tap on “Clean now”.

15. Use Game Booster

If you’re a mobile gamer, Game Booster will boost your Samsung A12’s performance. Go to “Advanced features” and select “Game Booster” to boost your gaming experience.


16. Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect your Samsung A12 to Wi-Fi to save your mobile data. Go to “Connections” under “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi”.

17. Use Bluetooth

Pair your Samsung A12 with other devices using Bluetooth. Go to “Connections” and select “Bluetooth” to pair devices.

18. Use NFC

The Samsung A12 has NFC technology that allows you to make payments, share files, and connect to other NFC-enabled devices. To use NFC, turn on NFC under “Connections”.

19. Use Mobile Hotspot

You can turn your Samsung A12 into a mobile hotspot by activating the Mobile Hotspot feature. Go to “Connections” and select “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering”.

20. Use GPS

The Samsung A12’s GPS feature allows you to navigate and track your location. To use GPS, go to “Location” under “Settings” and turn on “GPS”.


Question Answer
How do I take a screenshot on my Samsung A12? To take a screenshot, press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously.
How do I reset my Samsung A12 to factory settings? Go to “General management” under “Settings” and select “Reset” and then tap on “Factory data reset”.
How do I restart my Samsung A12? Press and hold the power button and select “Restart”.
How much RAM does the Samsung A12 have? The Samsung A12 has 4GB of RAM.
What is the screen size of the Samsung A12? The Samsung A12 has a 6.5-inch HD+ display.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Samsung A12 smartphone. Enjoy a better user experience and stay connected!

20 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung A12 Smartphone