Cara Pemakaian Lulur Shinzui

>Hello Sohib EditorOnline, are you looking for a luxurious and rejuvenating spa day at home? Look no further than Lulur Shinzui! In this article, we will guide you through the proper usage of Lulur Shinzui to achieve a glowing and healthy skin. Let’s begin.

What is Lulur Shinzui?

Lulur Shinzui is a traditional Indonesian herbal scrub that has been used for centuries by Javanese princesses. It is made with a blend of natural ingredients such as rice flour, turmeric, sandalwood, and jasmine, which work together to exfoliate dead skin cells, brighten the skin, and promote circulation. Lulur Shinzui is easy to use and can be done at home for a spa-like experience.

What are the benefits of using Lulur Shinzui?

There are several benefits to using Lulur Shinzui, including:

Benefit Description
Exfoliation The rice flour in Lulur Shinzui acts as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores.
Brightening The turmeric in Lulur Shinzui helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.
Moisturizing The combination of sandalwood and jasmine in Lulur Shinzui helps to hydrate and soothe the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
Relaxation The aromatic scent of Lulur Shinzui promotes relaxation and reduces stress, creating a spa-like experience at home.

How to Use Lulur Shinzui

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

It is important to prepare your skin before using Lulur Shinzui. Start by taking a warm shower or bath to open up your pores and soften your skin. You can also use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or oil from your skin.

Step 2: Apply Lulur Shinzui

Take a small amount of Lulur Shinzui and apply it onto your skin in circular motions. Make sure to focus on areas that are prone to dryness and roughness, such as elbows, knees, and heels. Avoid applying Lulur Shinzui onto sensitive areas such as the face and neck.

Step 3: Leave on for 10 Minutes

After applying Lulur Shinzui, leave it on your skin for 10 minutes. This will allow the natural ingredients to penetrate your skin and work their magic.

Step 4: Rinse Off with Warm Water

Rinse off Lulur Shinzui with warm water, and pat your skin dry with a clean towel. You will notice that your skin feels softer, smoother, and more radiant after just one use.

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Step 5: Moisturize Your Skin

Finish off your Lulur Shinzui treatment by applying a moisturizer to your skin. This will lock in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


Is Lulur Shinzui suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Lulur Shinzui is suitable for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to test Lulur Shinzui on a small area of your skin before using it all over your body.

How often should I use Lulur Shinzui?

You can use Lulur Shinzui once or twice a week for best results. Over-exfoliating your skin can cause irritation and dryness, so it is important to use Lulur Shinzui in moderation.

Can Lulur Shinzui be used on the face?

No, Lulur Shinzui is not recommended for use on the face as it may be too abrasive for the delicate skin.

Where can I purchase Lulur Shinzui?

Lulur Shinzui is widely available in Indonesia and can be purchased at most drugstores and beauty supply stores. It can also be purchased online from various retailers.

Are there any side effects of using Lulur Shinzui?

There are no known side effects of using Lulur Shinzui. However, if you experience any itching, redness, or irritation after using Lulur Shinzui, discontinue use and consult with a dermatologist.


Lulur Shinzui is an all-natural and luxurious way to achieve a glowing and healthy skin. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily incorporate Lulur Shinzui into your skincare routine for a spa-like experience at home. Remember to use Lulur Shinzui in moderation and always moisturize your skin after use. Cheers to a healthier and happier skin!

Cara Pemakaian Lulur Shinzui